An mixer element lets you route audio and set levels for each output.


Mixer elements contain a matrix so you can mix every input to every output. Made of equal rows to equal columns, you can set the number of input/output channels via the Channels text box in the upper righthand corner.

There are four types of mixing points within a mixer element:

  • Master Level: Upper left corner.
  • Input Level: First column under master.
  • Output Level: First row beside master
  • Crosspoint Level: All points between input/output

For example, let's say you have a 4x4 mixer (with 4 inputs and 4 outputs) and would like to hear INPUT 2 out of OUTPUT 4, at -20 dB:


Mixer Options

The mixer options look very similar to the expanded mixer element. Here, you can edit the name of the element, the channels in the element (input/output count), the master volume, reset levels, and all the levels in the mixer.

Reset levels

When a Mixer element has been faded, the current levels (orange) will not equal the originally-set levels (blue). There are currently three ways to reset the levels back to the original levels:

  • Esc Key: This will stop all playing elements and reset the levels.
  • Reset Levels Button: In Options Menu.
  • Run a Reset Fade: In Fade Options Menu.