Use Canvas on your next show.

During this early access period, you can be among the first to use Canvas. You'll get hands-on support as you build and run your first show, and your experience will help us make the program even better. We have big ideas for Canvas, and this version is just the start. For a low monthly cost, you can support our mission to help artists be more creative. 


Early Access Versions of Canvas


Early Access - Monthly

$9 / Month

Early Access - Yearly

$99 / Year


Cancel anytime. Subscriptions will auto-renew. Prices in USD and VAT may apply.

Requires MacOS 10.13 or higher. Current version: 0.8.7


Art should be accessible to everyone.

Canvas is free for students and early career designers.

Contact Us at for more information

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Frequently Asked Questions


What does early access mean? 

Early access means we haven't added all of the features we intend to add to Canvas. We believe it has all the functionality to allow you to create and run your project, but we have more ideas we want to implement before a full release. 


Why are you doing an early access version? 

Think of this as our kickstarter, except you get a working product from day one. We will be releasing updates often, so you can see the new features as we release them.


What is the benefit of BUYING an early access license? 

We are especially grateful for our early adopters! If you buy a license during this early access period, you lock in the price for up to one year. You get unlimited access to customer service with hands-on, dedicated support, and you get to influence the features we create in the program! 



When you purchase a license, you get unlimited access to Canvas' full feature set. This is not a limited feature release, and there's no difference between a monthly and annual plan on a feature level. With both plans, you'll have instant access to all of the functionality, including:

  • Unlimited blank "canvases" to build your designs

  • Up to 64 channels of audio output

  • Ability to edit and mix multiple audio files on each canvas

  • BPM functionality

  • MIDI integration

  • System output controls

  • Plus a whole lot more!


Can Canvas run a show?

Absolutely. Will it have everything you've ever wanted? Nope. Is it perfect? Definitely not.  But buying Canvas helps us get there!


What are the system requirements?

OSX 10.13 and higher.


How many computers can I Install Canvas on?

You can install Canvas on one computer at a time per license.

Are there discounts available?

Yes. We're offering special rates to students and early-stage designers, and you can email us at to learn more. We want to help artists create and share their art with the world, and believe cost shouldn't be a roadblock. If you have specific requests or needs, please don't hesitate to email us.



You can find the current EULA here



You can find documentation to help here


Can I get a demo?

Of course! Click the support link, and request a demo. We would be happy to show you how Canvas can help you create beautiful sound designs! 


Who can I contact with issues Or questions about my account? 

Contact us at:


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