Canvas version 1.0 is now available!

Free individual licenses available through the end of the year

Over the past year, Canvas has been available as an early access version so that we could gather feedback and ideas from our beta testing community. Sound designers have used Canvas on performances and installations all over the world, including those at The Kennedy Center, the Prague Quadrennial, Shakespeare Theater, Woolly Mammoth, Studio Theater, and more. We’ve also taken Canvas on the road to get it in the hands of sound designers and to let them play around with it. 

Throughout this early access phase, we’ve gotten a ton of great input and learned a lot about how designers want to work. We’ve packed as much of this feedback as possible into v1.0 and are excited to share this version with you today.

Here are just a few of the new features you’ll find in v1.0:

Random track fire, pitch, and time parameters to help you add more variation to your designs

We added a mode to the Multi-Track element that will fire a random track in the element! This is great for anything that needs variation. Also, we added pitch and time changes to the element, which you can randomize every time the element fires and loops. So now, you can add a ton of variation to your design without a lot of effort or programming.

Automated paths in the Trackpad element with D&B Soundscape support

In the Trackpad element, you can automate parameters by drawing XY paths, which you can automate over time, and even send them to D&B’s Soundscape. Check out the PQ video here.

A new Panner element that allows you to move sound around

Ever wanted to fly a sound around your audience? In the Panner element, you can take any number of inputs and move them through your output channels quickly and easily.

So what’s next? We’re not stopping at v1.0, waiting a few years, then releasing v2.0. Expect to see new features added as soon as we build and release them. 

Canvas was created by sound designers, for sound designers, to help you be more creative with your art. We’re so grateful for your support on this journey and we’re excited to continue building this tool, together. 

To download the latest version of Canvas, please visit  

Christopher Baine