Why I Built AVAE

Sound is an interactive art form. It flexes. It pushes and pulls at an audience, and won’t leave you alone; you cannot close your ears. Theater is the same. It is dynamic. A story moves, enveloping its audience and requiring them to work. It is never the same twice. This is the joy of these mediums. They pair well.

As a professional sound designer and composer for live theater over the last 15 years, I love creating for these two art forms. Technology plays a big role in my designs, and over my career, the software tools I’ve used have changed dramatically. I have noticed that as these tools grow and evolve, so too does my process as an artist. We adapt to accommodate our tools, working around certain parameters or limitations. We change our art because of the tools at our disposal.

Because the tools are so closely linked to the artistic process, it is important to select the right tools and use them as effectively as possible. Most importantly, they need to be an extension of the artist and fit seamlessly into the way they work. The tools should be crafted to you, and allow you to create without getting in the way. How often does a writer think about the keyboard, or a painter about the brush?

I created AVAE to build new tools for artists, because I want to see our process change for the better, to allow any artist to go from idea to product quickly and easily, and to allow us all to be more creative.

Our first product, Canvas, aims to help sound designers do just that. Its open interface allows you to build a show using the building blocks you need, connecting them together however you'd like. It helps you visualize what’s happening, so you can see how it all interacts, and make changes quickly. Because Canvas is malleable, it gives designers more flexibility to work within the dynamic theater environment; it doesn’t force you into a box. Ultimately, Canvas was designed with process and simplicity in mind so artists can unleash their creativity.

This is just the start, though. We believe AVAE can dramatically improve the way artists work and open the door to more creative possibilities.

The future of performing arts relies on all of us to create new tools and technologies. We must continue pushing forward if we want to engage modern audiences and tell great stories using multimedia like sound. I want to change the arts by building these tools. I want to inspire artists to create without limitations. And I want to empower them to go out and create engaging works of art.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey.