Change Log: 

  • Feature: Saving
  • Feature: Opening 
  • Feature: Undo
  • Feature: Redo
  • Feature: New Document 
  • Feature: Recent Documents
  • Feature: Open Document
  • Feature: Launch Window
  • Feature: Audio Playlist Element
  • Feature: "inf" or "-inf" can be used in any DB textbox
  • Feature: DB textboxes assume negative value (ie: when you type in 10, it assumes -10)
  • Feature: Pan textboxes use "C", "c" or "center" to set as 0 
  • Feature: Add lines from Multiple Elements (cmd + click on IO) 
  • Feature: Zooming on Canvas 
  • Feature: Track Preview Buttons
  • Internal Feature: Logging engine on crash reports
  • Bug: Audio Element can run when not connected to an output
  • Bug: Audio Elements Types can split outputs and send to two different locations
  • Bug: [BETA: Jeff Dorfman] Audio can be heard when fade out at -inf
  • Bug: Click and Drag didn't deselect previous element
  • Bug: Elements can be dragged off canvas 
  • Bug: [BETA:  Roc Lee] Inlets/Outlets can be clicked when behind other elements 
  • Bug: [BETA:  Roc Lee] Clicking in the wrong place in the options menu will deselect element 
  • Bug: Black frame on volume box remains on collapsed element. 
Christopher Baine