• Feature: Added an installer screen when you first download the program.
  • Bug: Setting a New output card wouldn’t allow for more than 2 outputs. (it does now! Up to 64 channels) 
  • Bug: Audio Line crosspoints were set incorrectly on launch. 
  • Bug: Mixer Element resizing issue was using -inf, and will now use the system defaults. 
  • Feature: Added basic right click functionality, and you can right click on an Element to toggle the style. 
  • Feature: Deleting a track in the Audio Element on right click
  • Cleaned: Added a little more text to clarify the layout of the System Output Page 
  • Bug (From Jeff D.): Audio Line Crosspoint hangs when clicking repeatedly.  Thanks Jeff! 
  • Feature: Added in a feedback window to the help menu, which you can now send us feedback on the program! 
  • Feature: Added a crash window which pops up whenever the program crashes, (which it NEVER does) so you can send us feedback, crash reports and logs. 
  • Feature: Added updates to the program, so you wont need to download the program every time, you can just update it! 
  • Bug: Fixed System Element volumes over output 2 were not being set correctly on launch
  • Bug/Feature: All audio files in an Audio Element should play in sync now! (so your music doesn’t sound like a John Cage piece)
  • Feature: Added tooltips to the Elements and the main buttons
  • Bug:  Fixed selecting tracks in the Audio Element deselects other tracks unless holding shift.
  • Bug: Fixed system Output Page lagging on draging the Loudspeakers 
  • Feature: Added Trim levels to each track in the Audio Element
  • Bug: Program is now named Canvas and not Avae (if you see it called Avae anywhere let us know) 
  • Feature: Can enter the fade target mode from main menu
  • Bug: Mouse dragging drags all selected Elements 
  • Feature: (from Jeff D.) The Queued Canvas now has a green frame around it, and the program starts with the first canvas queued. 
  • Feature: Added a menu option to “Fire All Selected Elements”
  • Bug: Added a scrollview to the System Output Page for the smaller screens
  • Feature: The main menu has an option to let you toggle all Audio Elements between Time and Volume while collapsed 
  • Feature: The main menu has an option to allow you to collapse all Elements in the canvas 
  • Feature: The main menu has an option to toggle the selected elements between Collapsed/Expanded 
  • Feature: Added a restore zoom button to the System Output page 
Christopher Baine