• Update to Swift 4 
  • Timers on Audio stacks using too much CPU
  • Fixed an issue with the Audio Element playing while switching between canvases
  • Changing to a new Sound Card doesn't crash the program anymore
  • Audio Element stop button doesn't crash the program anymore
  • Fade Element Level changes stay within an acceptable DB range
  • Fixed an issue with adding multiple canvases not adding a system element
  • Added an error check to the Audio Element to throw an error when not connected
  • Fixed an Error where you couldn't add an audio file after deleting an Audio Element
  • Fixed a bug where Trigger Element current trigger view would be off from what's fired
  • Fixed an overall issue with the Fade elements
  • Fixed an issue where removing an audio line didn't stop an audio element
  • Removed table headers ability to resize
Christopher Baine